Written and produced by an Emmy-winning team, this acclaimed film offers a dynamic new opportunity to reach people with the story of Jesus. Road to Emmaus follows the story of Jesus and two companions on the Sunday of the resurrection, as "...he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself." Created to reach the unchurched, the film is among the most widely used evangelism tools ever produced—a valuable tool your congregation can use this year.
 Starring Bruce Marchiano ("Gospel of Matthew") Road to Emmaus follows the story of Luke 24:13-49 and imagines what the conversation between Jesus and the two disciples might have been. It builds from the actual stories and passages of the Bible (the writings of Moses and the prophets as well as the further explanations in the New Testament).

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"This film portrays the true identity of Jesus—He is the world’s Savior whom God promised from the beginning."Rev. Michael Hintz

"Bruce Marchiano portrays Jesus as a true human being as well as God. His portrayal draws us to Jesus."

Rev. Paul Hartman

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"...well made... nice production values...  a beautiful survey of how God has so wonderfully worked out salvation."

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