Movie Night

Several congregations have rented local theaters to show Road to Emmaus, and then distributed DVD copies to everyone who attended.

Watch how one congregation handed out DVDs at a local grocery store—along with a free loaf of bread. It got the attention of shoppers, and introduced hundreds of people to the gospel message.


"Road to Emmaus effectively proclaims the heart of the Bible’s message in a plain-language and big-picture way."

Daniel Dexter

Outreach ideas

How you can use Road to Emmaus at your church

DVD “Flyer:
Members can give the DVD to neighbors or friends as an invitation to church (similar to a flyer or door-hanger)
Visitor handout:
Hand out copies as a way to encourage visitors to return.
Movie night:
Host a movie night—and then give copies to viewers to share with friends in the community.
Home Viewing:
Suggest members use it in a home setting for a gathering of friends.
Local Events:
Hand out copies at a local fair or other public event.
Sunday school class, grade school, or youth can use the DVD as a witnessing tool.
Evangelism Committee:
Your congregation’s evangelism committee can use it to invite prospects to Easter Sunday services.
Spanish Use:
The DVD has a Spanish-language track, so it’s an outstanding tool for outreach in Hispanic communities.



More than 200,000 DVDs distributed to thousands of churches worldwide. Just $1.99 per DVD.

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"...well made... nice production values...  a beautiful survey of how God has so wonderfully worked out salvation."

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